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Who Are We?

The BAADA program reaches out to deaf and hard of hearing children, adults and their families from the entire San Francisco Bay Area. BAADA hosts social and recreational activities, and workshops on various Asian Deaf Cultures.


BAADA members use a range of communication modes including American Sign Language (ASL) and their native sign languages from Asia countries. Many BAADA members come from a home in which English is not the first language, and bring to the program the language and culture of their Asian country.


Organizational Goals

  1. To advocate for and serve the needs of Asian people who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

  2. To promote their various issues of interest.

  3. To enhance their recognition and achievements.

  4. To empower the Asian Deaf and Hard of Hearing people to find pride in their culture and heritage.

  5. To provide a network to facilitate communication, understanding and friendship among the national and international Asian Deaf and Hard of Hearing communities.

  6. To promote and support family and community Education with regard to Asian Deaf issues, Deaf Culture, Community, and American Sign Language (ASL).

  7. To host annual events.


History of BAADA

In the 1980’s the number of Deaf Asian people in the San Francisco Bay Area began rising with the immigration of people from countries such as China, Japan, Hong Kong, Vietnam and the Philippines. Many of them were eager to share their culture, language and tradition with their new country. In keeping with the theme of sharing information, Cheryl Wu and Judy Ho were instrumental in setting up the first National conference of the Deaf Asian community, “Access Silent Asia”. Along with many members of the community helping, they welcomed everyone to this March 1994 conference in San Francisco.  Following the example of those early leaders, the community established the Bay Area Asian Deaf Association (BAADA) in June 1995. Since that time, BAADA has hosted Lunar New Year celebrations, held General Assembly meetings, Asian Tea Parties and Asian Deaf Identity workshops. BAADA continues to strive to serve the  Asian Deaf people with meaningful social, recreational and educational opportunities.

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