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BAADA's New Logo!

Hello you!

Introducing our new logo! Many thanks to our BAADA members for participating in the voting poll. And a special shoutout to Ka-Yun Chan for creating our logo!

Check out Ka-Yun’s arts on Facebook & Instagram! @blunarwhale 


BAADA Officers

[LOGO DESCRIPTION: The circle is abstract and a universal symbol of eternity, timelessness, and the infinite. It is laid out like a paintbrush stroke as some Asian countries use calligraphy in their writing. It can be also be seen as a dragon. In some Asian countries, the color red symbolizes good luck. In the center is the Golden Gate Bridge, which is a well-known symbol of the Bay Area. The Bridge is animated to show simplicity of the logo. Est. 1995 is the year when BAADA was founded.]


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