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Bay Area Asian Deaf Association wishes You and Your families, HAPPY CHUSEOK!!

Chuseok is celebrated by families gathering together and making special foods, in particular the very traditional rice cake called Songpyeon also referred to as "Songpyun".

Today we are sharing a video in which President Wonha Park and Board Member Jeongin Weber will be giving you more insight on Chuseok and especially the traditional rice cake "Songpyun"!

Please visit our FACEBOOK PAGE to view the video !


We hope you enjoy watching!

[Image Description:

On a cream background, at bothe top left upper corner and bottom right corner shows banners with salmon,yellow, purple and olive pastel colors.

From top to bottom it reads:

Bay Area Asian Deaf Association Wishes You and Your Families,

Happy (In the center shows a white circle with Songpyeon in white, pink and green. Behind it shows a paint smear of pastel pink and purple) Chuseok!

BAADA's logo is shown at the lower left corner. On the right margin it reads

추석 (in Korean writing meaning Chuseok).


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