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Deaf Asian Night Out - August 23, 2024


Hello everyone!

It’s so exciting to host the Deaf Asian Night Out on Friday, August 23, 2024!


Quiz Game


Q/A about BAADA

We welcome POC, not only Asians.

Don’t have to arrive on time at 5 pm.

Let’s meet new friends.

Please share it with your friends!

See you there,

The BAADA team

[Image Description:

In brown and orange text over and cream background:

“Deaf Asian Night Out

Line 51 Brewing

303 Castro St, Oakland, CA 94607

Friday, Aug 23, 2024

5 PM - 10 PM

Sociality, Quiz Game, Prize, Q/A about BAADA”

To the left of the text is a bright yellow badge with black text that says:

“SALE 15% OFF”

The bottom right corner is an illustration of two pints of beer clinking together. Foam from the top of the glasses splash out.

The top left corner is the BAADA logo in black and red.



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