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Korean Event: GLOVE

Come spend your Sunday evening by watching “Glove” and enjoy a taste of Korean food! “Glove” is a 2011 South Korean sports drama film based on a true story. - Check out the trailer: - Bring your friends! Hope to see you there!

On a red flyer with blue and white textiles at the top shows white and dark blue text left-centered that reads "Bay Area Asian Deaf Association. Movie Night. Korean deaf-based Film "Glove". bulgogi, rice, japchae & kimbap provided first come first served basis. April 28, 2019 | 3:00 to 6:00 PM Deaf Community Center - San Leandro, CA. Members $10 | Non-Members $15. Questions?" BAADA logo in the center in red/white. Images of a clapperboard and two cinema tickets in red and blue overlapping each other on the right side of the flyer. Below shows a colored image of the "Glove" movie poster in Korean Language with Korean actors dressed in baseball outfits


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