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San Jose Brew Bike


Hello everyone! 

Are you bored in summer?!

Why not join us to ride the brew bike together in Deaf group?! 

There are two dates and you can choose one date. 

Please scan the QR code, there is information, and you can buy a ticket via zelle, cash app, OR venmo. 

Here is the form for registration. 

  • Member - $40

  • Non-Member - $50 

  • College Student/Senior(+65) - $35 

If you have trouble with tech, please email us “” 

We’re looking forward to hanging out with you! 

Thank you, 

The BAADA team

[image description:

In brown text with a white faded backdrop overlaid on top of the background image:

“San Jose 

Brew Bike”

The BAADA logo is in the top left corner in black and red.

In the bottom right corner is a yellow and black street sign. In black font, the sign says:

“Limited 14 Seats

Scan QR Code”

In the middle of the sign is a scannable QR Code.

The background image is a street in San Jose with a green multi-person pedal car in the shape of a bar. There are twelve different individuals sitting around the bar, smiling or laughing.



Payments: CashApp, Venmo or Zelle


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